Top list of the best butcher shops in Munich

If you are looking for a good butcher shop in Munich, you are spoiled for choice. The city offers a variety of butcher shops that are characterized by quality, tradition and innovation. Whether you fancy a hearty white sausage, a tender knuckle of veal or a sophisticated sausage specialty, here you will find the best addresses for your meat enjoyment. In this blog post we present you our top list of the best butcher shops in Munich that you should definitely visit.

1. Butcher Schlagbauer: This butcher's is a real family business that has existed since 1902 and is now run by the fourth generation. Here all products are made in-house, from sausage to ham to liver loaf. The Schlagbauer butcher shop attaches great importance to regional and species-appropriate animal husbandry and only uses meat from selected farms. The homemade Munich white sausages, which are freshly produced every day, are particularly popular. The Schlagbauer butcher's shop also offers a catering service that you can use to spoil your guests with delicious meat and sausage platters.

2. Metzgerei Vinzenzmurr: The butcher Vinzenzmurr is an institution in Munich and has more than 60 branches in the city and the surrounding area. The company was founded in 1902 and is known for its high quality and freshness. The Vinzenzmurr butcher's shop offers a wide range of meat and sausage products made according to traditional recipes. There is also a selection of delicatessen products such as cheese, salads, soups and ready meals. A highlight is the Vinzenzmurr party service, with which you can equip your celebration with a rich buffet.

3. Butcher shop Magnus Bauch: The butcher shop Magnus Bauch is a modern and creative butcher shop, which is characterized by its innovative products. The butcher shop was founded in 1928 and is now managed by Magnus Bauch junior, who is constantly developing new ideas for his customers. In addition to the classic meat and sausage products, you will also find unusual creations such as salmon sausage, truffle liver sausage or Mangalitza bacon. The butcher shop Magnus Bauch only uses meat from animals that are kept and fed in a manner appropriate to their species. The butcher also offers an online shop where you can conveniently have your order delivered to your home.


4. Metzgerei Landfrau: Metzgerei Landfrau is an organic butcher's shop that specializes in meat from grass-fed cattle. The animals are kept on ecological pastures and feed on grass and herbs. The meat is characterized by an intense taste and a high degree of tenderness. The Landfrau butcher shop offers various types of beef, such as rump steak, roast beef or boiled beef. There are also organic sausages such as salami, bratwurst or liverwurst. The butcher shop Landfrau is not only a butcher shop, but also a bistro where you can enjoy delicious dishes made from their own products.

5. Metzgerei Wolf: Metzgerei Wolf is a traditional, artisan butcher's shop that has existed since 1898 and is now being run by the fifth generation. The Wolf butcher shop offers a wide range of meat and sausage products that are made according to old recipes. The quality of the meat is guaranteed by a careful selection of suppliers and careful processing. The Wolf butcher shop is particularly well-known for its delicacies, such as knuckle of pork, suckling pig or roast ox. You can also order lunch here with changing dishes.

These were our top 5 best butcher shops in Munich. We hope you will try one of these on your next visit to the city and be amazed by the quality and taste. Bon appetit!

Munich skyline and the cathedral.