The best butcher shops in Dresden

Dresden is not only known for its baroque architecture, its art treasures and its cultural scene, but also for its culinary specialties. Anyone who likes to eat meat and sausage will find a variety of butcher shops in the Saxon capital that combine traditional craftsmanship with regional products and modern trends. In this blog post we introduce you to some of the best butcher shops in Dresden that you should definitely visit.

Fachfleischerei During Inh. Martin During

The specialist butcher shop During is one of the oldest and most renowned butcher shops in Dresden. Since 1893, it has been offering homemade meat and sausage products from master craftsmen, made with heart, hand, passion and creativity. The fourth generation of the During family attaches great importance to quality, freshness and regionality. The butcher shop sources its animals from selected local farms and processes them according to traditional recipes and modern processes. In addition to classic sausage and ham specialties, the extensive range also includes grilled specialties, delicatessen salads, soups, stews and ready meals. The specialist butcher shop During can not only be found in its main branch on Rothenburger Strasse, but is also present at various markets and events in Dresden.

Ernst Schulze Fleischerei und Feinkost GmbH

The Ernst Schulze Fleischerei und Feinkost GmbH has been a Dresden family business since 1935, which has been run by Margitta Heinrich and Dietmar Schulze in the third generation since 1997. The butcher shop processes animals from local farmers into high-quality sausages and meat products made in-house. The offering ranges from fresh meat to bratwursts, liver sausages, salts, ham, salami and delicatessen products such as pies, terrines, salads and spreads. Ernst Schulze Fleischerei und Feinkost GmbH operates several branches in Dresden as well as a wholesale and retail store. It is also represented at Dresden's specialty markets and traditional folk festivals such as the Striezelmarkt or the Dresden City Festival.

Dürröhrsdorfer Fleisch- und Wurstwaren GmbH

Dürröhrsdorfer Fleisch- und Wurstwaren GmbH is a medium-sized company based in Dürröhrsdorf-Dittersbach that has existed since 1992. The company specializes in the production of fresh and smoked sausages as well as convenience products. The raw materials come exclusively from regional producers who are selected according to strict quality criteria. Dürröhrsdorfer Fleisch- und Wurstwaren GmbH places great value on sustainability, animal welfare and transparency. Customers can find out more about the origin and processing of the products or even take a look behind the scenes. The company operates more than 30 branches in Saxony as well as an online shop. One of them is in Dresden-Klotzsche on Travemünder Strasse.

Organic birch butcher shop party service

The Bio-Birke Fleischerei-Wirtshaus-Partyservice is an ecological butcher shop with an attached restaurant and catering service in Dresden-Pieschen. Bio-Birke only offers organic meat and sausage products from species-appropriate animal husbandry, which are produced according to traditional recipes. The range includes, among other things, beef, pork, lamb, poultry and game meat as well as various types of sausage, ham, salads and spreads. The Bio-Birke is also a cozy inn that serves regional and seasonal dishes made from organic ingredients. The menu offers something to suit every taste, from hearty meat dishes to vegetarian and vegan options, as well as homemade cakes and desserts. The organic birch also offers a party service that delivers individual buffets, menus and finger food for private or business occasions.

Butcher Shop Starke

The Starke butcher shop is a family-run butcher shop in Dresden-Laubegast that has existed since 1990. The Starke butcher shop offers fresh meat from its own slaughterhouse as well as a large selection of sausage products made in-house. The offering ranges from bratwursts, crispy sausages, liver sausages, blood sausages, salts, ham, salami to delicatessen salads, meatballs, schnitzels and goulash. The Starke butcher shop only uses meat from animals from the region that are raised in a species-appropriate manner. The Starke butcher shop can be found not only in its branch on Leubener Strasse, but also at various weekly markets in Dresden.


Dresden is a city with a rich culinary tradition, which is also reflected in the numerous butcher shops. Whether you are looking for fresh meat, homemade sausage or delicious delicatessen products, you are sure to find what you are looking for in Dresden. We hope you enjoyed our selection of the best butcher shops in Dresden and that you will try them out on your next visit. Enjoy your meal!

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