Top list of the best butcher shops in Hanover

If you are looking for a good butcher shop in Hanover, you are spoiled for choice. The city offers a variety of butcher shops that are characterized by quality, freshness and variety. Whether you are in the mood for a hearty bratwurst, a juicy steak or a fine ham specialty, you are guaranteed to find the right address here. In this blog post we present you our top list of the best butcher shops in Hanover that you should definitely try.

1. Metzgerei Müller
The Metzgerei Müller is a family business that has existed for over 100 years. Slaughtering and processing are still carried out here in a traditional way, which is reflected in the high quality and taste of the meat. The Metzgerei Müller offers a wide range of sausages and meat products that are made fresh every day. The homemade liver sausages, the crunchy bratwursts and the tender beef steaks are particularly popular. The Müller butcher's shop attaches great importance to regional and species-appropriate animal husbandry and sources its meat exclusively from local farms.

2. Fleischerei Schmidt
The Fleischerei Schmidt is a modern and innovative butcher shop that specializes in dry-aged beef. This means that the beef is left to air mature for several weeks after slaughter, making it particularly tender and aromatic. The Schmidt butcher shop offers different levels of maturity and cuts that you can choose according to your taste. Here you will also find a selection of fine sausages, salads and ready meals, all of which are made in-house.

3. Metzgerei Weber
The Metzgerei Weber is a small but fine butcher shop that specializes in ham and smoked products. Here you can choose from over 50 different varieties, all made according to old recipes and with natural spices. The Weber butcher smokes its meat itself over beech wood, which ensures an incomparable aroma. Whether Black Forest ham, Tyrolean bacon or salmon ham, you will find something to suit every taste here.


4. Fleischerei Meyer
The Fleischerei Meyer is an organic butcher shop that is committed to ecological and sustainable meat consumption. The Meyer butcher shop only offers organic meat that comes from controlled and certified animal husbandry. The meat is free of antibiotics, hormones and genetic engineering and is processed gently. In addition to classic sausage and meat products, the Meyer butcher shop also offers vegetarian and vegan alternatives made from soy, seitan or lupins.

5. Metzgerei Keller
The Metzgerei Keller is an international butcher shop that offers you a culinary journey around the world. In addition to German sausage and meat specialties, the Keller butcher also offers exotic products that you would otherwise find difficult to find. Whether lamb from New Zealand, bison from Canada or kangaroo from Australia, you can pamper your taste buds here. The Keller butcher shop also offers a large selection of spices, sauces and side dishes that go perfectly with different types of meat.

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