Top list of the best butcher shops in Cologne

If you are looking for a good butcher shop in Cologne, you are spoiled for choice. The city offers a variety of butcher shops, which are characterized by quality, freshness and variety. Whether you are in the mood for traditional sausages, regional specialties or exotic types of meat, you are guaranteed to find the right butcher shop for your taste here. In this blog post, we present our top list of the best butcher shops in Cologne that you should definitely try.

1. Metzgerei Schmitz
The Metzgerei Schmitz is an institution in Cologne. Since 1895, she has been offering her customers first-class meat and sausages from her own production. The butcher shop attaches great importance to animal welfare, sustainability and regionality. She obtains her meat exclusively from farmers in the area who keep and feed their animals in a species-appropriate manner. The cured meats are made according to traditional recipes and without artificial additives. The Schmitz butcher shop offers a wide range of fresh and smoked meat, sausage, ham, salami, liver sausage, black pudding and much more. You can also buy delicious ready meals such as goulash, roulades or sauerbraten here or enjoy them in the adjoining bistro. The butcher shop Schmitz is a must for all meat lovers in Cologne.

2. Butcher shop Müller
The butcher shop Müller is a modern and innovative butcher shop in Cologne. It not only offers high-quality meat and sausages from its own slaughter and production facilities, but also a large selection of international specialities. Here you will find not only beef, pork and poultry, but also lamb, game, rabbit, ostrich, kangaroo and crocodile. The butcher Müller is always on the lookout for new trends and flavors. For example, she offers marinated meat with various spices and sauces that you can easily grill or fry at home. Or how about an exotic burger with ostrich meat and mango chutney? The butcher Müller is the perfect address for everyone who likes to try new things.

3. Metzgerei Weber
The Metzgerei Weber is a family-run butcher's shop in Cologne. She specializes in homemade sausages, made according to old family recipes. The Weber butcher only uses fresh meat from selected suppliers who raise and slaughter their animals in a manner appropriate to their species. The sausages are produced without flavor enhancers, colorings or preservatives. The Weber butcher shop offers a wide range of bratwurst, grilled sausage, knackwurst, bockwurst, currywurst, white sausage and many other varieties. You will also find delicious meatloaf variations here, such as those with cheese, paprika or onions. The butcher Weber is a paradise for all sausage fans in Cologne.


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